• ENCOREplus breast cancer prevention

    Our ENCOREplus program saves women’s lives by empowering them to become active and responsible participants in their own health maintenance and care, stressing the importance of the early detection of breast cancer.

    The program provides:

    · Presentations about breast cancer awareness through community presentations, and one-on-one sessions.

    · Referrals about how to get a FREE Mammogram or FREE Clinical Breast Exam.

    · Free brochures about breast health

    · Transportation and childcare the day of your exam.

    All our services are free and provided in both Spanish and English by our experienced staff. Call Kendal Evans at 816-232-4481 or email kevans@ywcasj.org for information about our next presentation or to request a presentation at your site.

    YWCA ENCOREplus program

    304 N. 8th street

    Saint Joseph, MO 64503

    Ask for Kendal (816) 232-4481

    Cellphone: (816)273-6665

    Email: kevans@ywcasj.org